Thursday, May 11, 2017

Post #3 foot prints

“Do you see the shoe?” She asked, waving my shoe up high in the air for us all to see. We all nodded and grunted in confirmation. I wasn’t sure what to think about her but all I know was she seemed like a weirdo to me but whatever made my baby girl happy made me happy. “How big do you think this shoe is?” Several hands shot up. There was a younger girl in the front who was eagerly “oooh, oooh, oooh”-ing and jumping up down hoping to get called on. Izzy looked around the bar, trying to give off the impression she was considering all the options but we all knew who she was going to call on.
“Um, yes you in the striped shirt; what’s your name dear?”
The girl responded eagerly, “my name is Joon!”
“Joon  Like the month?” Isabelle asked back, engaging her.
“No, no my name is Joon it’s spelled like J-O-O-N,” she corrected the host.
“Ooooh, how exotic!” She continued, “so what is size do you think it is?”
The girl thought for a moment, “well, I think that the shoe is a size 13.” The woman looked disappointed in the girl’s answer which made Joon look disappointed in her own answer.
. Then all of a sudden the host’s frown turned into a bright smile, “You are correct!” She let out an awkward soccer mom at a dinner party laugh. My eyes found Courtney’s in the crowd and I just looked at her like “really?” She started going on about carbon dioxide or whatever so I just tuned her out after a while and checked my Twitter. Nothing of substance was trending but I kept scrolling anyways. Before I knew it the presentation was over.
“Thanks for the shoe Mr. Banks!” The host snuck up behind me with Courtney.
“Oh it’s no problem, I just wish you would have showed me in advance, I would have brought an extra pair,” I joked while pointing at my shoeless right foot. We all laughed.
“Thanks for the help Dad, sorry we had to catch you at the last minute,” Courtney said.
“Yeah we couldn’t have done it without you,” her fiance followed with.

“Anything for my Courtney Cakes.”

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