Thursday, May 18, 2017

#7 Free waffles and fairies

The words "free" and "waffles" put together are a wonderful combination, if I do say so myself. So when I was fixing one of the tenants' sink and she brought it up I jumped up so fast I hit my head on the bottom. I let out a few expletives.
       "Sir, are you alright?" She asked, concernedly. 
        "Yeah, I'm fine," I answered. "You said something about free waffles?" 
         She let out a laugh and answered, "Yeah tomorrow, it's all you can eat at the Karnival Diner until 11;00. You should stop by. Eddie."
        "Yeah, I just might," I said while I was screwing the drain pipe back in. Of course, "I just might" meant "you bet your ass I'll be there, I'll be there waiting in line for it to open if I don't have any fixing to do." I was excited. 
   The next day came before I knew it and I was up bright and early. Karnival Diner opened at 9 but I was up at 7. I was as eager as my daughter used to be on Christmas morning. I didn't even bother getting dressed, I just put on my jumpsuit and headed out. The line was huge, it looked like it could've been the line to an actual carnival ride. I was playing on my phone until I eavesdropped on three high school boys having an interesting conversation. 
   "Shut up, Paul you must be on that stuff." The leader of the pack said. 
    "I told you what I saw, if you don't want to believe me, don't; but I know what I seen," The pimple faced kid who must've been Paul replied. 
    "Wait, wait, wait....what you say happened again? I just want to make sure I heard it right," the third and chubby one asked, jokingly. The Paul kid just looked at the ground. "Fairies? Are you (bleep) kidding me? You want us to believe that you went to pick your little brother up and saw the janitor building a house for fairies??" He raised his hands in the air and yelled to the sky, "fairies!" 
    "Christian, calm down. You sound like Mr. Crocker," the leader said. 
     "It's fairies, PJ. The world has the right to know." Christian answered
      PJ was getting irritated. You could tell the chubby one was that one friend who annoyed his other friends because he didn't know when or how to quit. "Just drop it, Christian." 
    Paul interjected, "Yeah Christian, drop it!" 
    Christian said under his breath, "Paul what did your mom tell you about smoking that fairy dust?" PJ cracked up and I chuckled. Paul looked back at me angrily with his hands in a tight fist. That made me chuckle some more. He took his free waffle ticket from the doorman and angrily walked inside with his friends.
"Fairies?" I said under my breath. "Kids, these days." I got my ticket and enjoyed some tasty waffles. When you're old and have seen the things I have, and survived the things I've survived every delicacy is great. 

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